Aubrey Denis

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Milwaukee. 2022

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, 2022

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Paramount Theatre. Seattle, 2019

crowd at Crimbo Limbo,  RKS. 2021

Cage the Elephant, 2019

Green Day,  Shaky Knees.  2022

Milky Chance. Austin City Limits 2017

The Caverns,  2022

Shakey Graves, 2022

Mt. Joy, 2021

in session with Scott Helman.  Nashville 2021

Rainbow Kitten Surprise.    under a full moon at Red Rocks,  2022

Low Cut Connie, 2022

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, 2021

after the encore,  Rainbow Kitten Surprise.  Los Angeles,  2019

Brook and The Bluff, post show in Arkansas. 2022

Georgia Theatre, 2018.  Featured in "RKS! Live from Athens Georgia" album packaging. 

Ela,  San Francisco.  2018

Rainbow Kitten Surprise at The Anthem.  New Years Eve, 2021 

green room, Hamburg Germany.   2018

Rainbow Kitten Surprise.  2019

Rainbow Kitten Surprise - album release show for "How To: Friend, Love, Freefall" in Raleigh, NC.  2018

Cage the Elephant, 2019

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, soundcheck at the Troubadour. 2019

Ela,  in the studio. 2022

Cage the Elephant, 2019

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Electric Forest. 2022

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Red Rocks. 2022

halloween in London,  Rainbow Kitten Surprise. 2018

Loufest.  2017

Caamp, Los Angeles.  2018

Charlie,  2018

Caamp, the walk down. Georgia Theatre. 2018

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  2019

control room at ACL Live taping,  Rainbow Kitten Surprise. 2019

Jess,  Chicago. 2018

Caamp,  Red Rocks.  2019

post- show, Rainbow Kitten Surprise.  Brooklyn 2018

Spoon,  2019

Hot Hands, UK

Paris crowds, 2019

finally back,  Boone NC. 2018

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Paramount Theatre.  2019

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  2018

Church.  Athens, GA

stop in Paris, 2019

Caamp,  Terminal West.  2018

Mt. Joy,  Nashville. 2021

Music Midtown,  2018

seeyousoon, Exit/In.  2021

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, 2022

Shaky Knees,  2022

landing in Phoenix. Charlie,  RKS.  2022

Ela,  House of Blues Anaheim. 2022

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  2022

in the studio with RKS. Nashville. 2022

January 1st, 2022.   Ethan, Leah and Ela

Newport Folk Fest,  2019

Briston Maroney,  2021

Caroline Rose,  2018

Cahal Studio, 2022

Sparkle City Disco. featured in i-D photo of the month for July, 2021

Maddie Medley,  bts for "Wild Parts" music video. 2021

Charlie,  RKS. Shaky Knees 2022

a note from a fan, post show in Milwaukee. 2022

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Red Rocks. 2019

Hippo Campus at the Orange Peel. 2018

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Rough Trade. NYC. 2017

Group Love,  2019

12:01am, January 1st 2022.  RKS at the Anthem

The Greeting Committee, 2019

Charlie,  RKS.  Austin City Limits.  2017

Illiterate Light,  2019

Animals on TV. February  2020

Caroline Rose, 2019

Charlie,  RKS. At the Tabernacle,  2019

Taylor,  Caamp. 2018

12:01am    January 1st, 2020

Church. Athens, GA

Ethan,  in session with RKS. Nashville, 2019

Caamp, being photographed by Danny Clinch at Newport Folk Fest. 2019

Me N Adam. 2021

Ela,   rehearsals. 2021

RKS at the Anthem, December 31st 2021 

Flipturn,  2021

post show, bus flowers. 2019

January 1, 2022.    Ethan

Jess,  post-show in LA. 2019

Hannah, spinning girl. 2018

Twin Peaks,  Shaky Knees after show. 2017

Brent Cobb, on tour with Chris Stapleton. 2019


Cage the Elephant 

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Music Midtown. 2018

Addie of The Greeting Committee,  2019

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  les √©toiles in Paris. 2018

Caamp, the Cannery.  Nashville 2018

Scott Helman, in session. 2021

Charlie, RKS. 2019

Caamp and Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Red Rocks. 2019

RKS, The Wiltern LA 2019

RKS, Soul Kitchen 2019

Max. Amsterdam, 2018

Day for Night Fest, Houston  2017

Low Cut Connie

Bozzy,   Los Angeles. 2019

99 Neighbors, 2021

Bozzy and Indy, Crimbo Limbo. 2021

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Crimbo Limbo 2021

Jess,  RKS.  Austin City Limits 2017

Charlie, Red Rocks.  2019

RKS, landing in DC. 2021

Jess,  Tabernacle. 2018

in studio with Rainbow Kitten Surprise, 2019

Lizzo,  Voodoo Music Fest.  2018

Me N Adam,  Nashville 2021

Maggie Rogers,  2018

Animals on TV

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Music Midtown. 2018


Whitney,  Austin City Limits 2017

Maddie Medley,  on set for the "Wild Parts" music video. 2021

Maddie Medley, on set for the "Wild Parts" music video. 2021

RKS, Orange Peel. 2018

Mt. Joy,  2021


Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  Los Angeles. 2018

seeyousoon and 99 Neighbors

Rainbow Kitten Surprise,  40 Watt